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The A.P.C.E. is an association dedicated to promoting art, science, and other fields of intellectual and cultural endeavor across all Europe, with a special emphasis on preserving landscape and monuments.


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What we believe

The APCD was born from an unparalleled commitment by its founders to European Arts and its history.

What is APCE?

The Associazione per la Promozione della Cultura Europea (APCE – Association for the Protection of European Art) is not-for-profit educational and research organization, based in Italy, dedicated to integrity of Art in Europe. APCE serves as a bridge between the public, and the scholarly and commercial art communities. Its main goal, as defined by the statuses, is to fund projects dedicated to the conservation of the European Art. APCE organize conferences, panels, and lectures to complete this goal. Offers impartial and authoritative information on authenticity artistic, legal, and ethical issues concerning art objects.


APCE was established in 2018 to fill a need for a foundation established to protect only European art, the lackof an impartial and scholarly body to educate the public about problems and issues in the art world. APCE serves a broad audience and operates at the intersection where the interests of art law, art collectors, museums, galleries, scholars, and the public meet.

Through an active program of lectures, panels, symposia, conferences, tours, and informal “APCE Evenings,” APCE informs and educates its supporters, subscribers, and the public about recent scholarship and relevant issues in the art world. APCE’s stature and credibility attract prominent speakers who address a broad range of subjects.

What we think

The APCE strongly agrees with the notion that what is generally referred to as the “European art crisis” actually constitutes an opportunity for Europe and Europe as a whole.

While European arts and crafts bring with them a lot of resources and skills that are urgently sought after in Europe, interest of the labour market is usually limited to the crafts, industrial and care sectors. Unlike previous generations in Europe, classical crafts and european arts are by and large structurally excluded from participating in the cultural and artistic sectors, which in fact are in a dire need of diversification.

Rather than providing short term solutions and services to European arts, which in many cases mainly benefit the primarily facilitators or charitable institutions, the APCE attempts to be a legal tool that prepares the ground for European arts equal access to the institutionalized art and cultural sectors and a future renewal . By providing an academic infrastructure, including facilities, as well as administrative help, the APCE supports its participants to create or reconstruct lost portfolios of classical European artists.

The APCE hopes to create an environment in which all of the participants’ resources are being validated, and where new formats of skill sharing and knowledge transfer may be developed. Ultimately the APCE provides an opportunity for weißensee art academy to generate a new perception of itself as an educational arts institution.

Our projects

Forgotten traditions, forgotten places, listed on a map and made available to all, it is a constant call to travel, Gallo-Roman ruins, an ancestral source hidden in the woods, the rediscovery of history with a great H.

Monument conservation funds

Through our activities, we have noticed how difficult is the restauration of hidden gems of the European past. To answer that need, we are organising a campaign to set up a monument conservation fund, next year. For more informations, get in touch with us or wait for our project reveal on July 2019.

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Searching through documents can be a very demanding task. We need volunteers to advance in our tasks. By choosing to collaborate with our project, you are offering yourself a platform of choice for your career, region, service or business. You will gain in visibility and experience.

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